Zach Scruggs Gets Prison Time

henry_lackey.jpgdickie_scruggs.jpgzach_scruggs.jpgThe son of powerful trial lawyer Dickie Scruggs like his father will head off to prison, a federal judge ruled today.

OXFORD – Zach Scruggs has been
sentenced to 14 months in prison for knowing about a Mississippi
judicial bribery scandal and not reporting it to authorities.

sentence on Wednesday included a fine and seemed to surprise Scruggs.
Prosecutors had recommended probation for misprision of a felony, which
meant he had knowledge of a crime and didn't report it.

Scruggs and his father, Richard "Dickie" Scruggs, and a law partner
were indicted in November after an associate secretly recorded
conversations about a plan to bribe Calhoun County Circuit Judge Henry Lackey.

Dickie Scruggs was
sentenced last Friday to five years in prison and fined $250,000. His
former law partner, Sidney Backstrom, was sentenced to 28 months in
prison and fined $250,000.