Lisa is the love of my life

There is a hurt in my heart that will likely never leave me. My wife Lisa is the love of my life.
I never envisioned a world without her from the day we met in Biloxi more than 20 years ago. I still can’t.
I’ve often joked I haven’t forgiven my friend Tim James, a native of Derma, for not introducing me to her the first time I saw her in a stunning black dress at a Mississippi Press Convention in Biloxi.

Truthfully, I never forgave myself for not following my initial instinct and running toward her at first sight. It cost me another year on this earth with her, one I would give anything for right now.
It was a year later back in Biloxi before I saw her again and this time we were inseparable, as we have been every day since. Only three months after meeting her I moved to Bruce to be with her. Three months after that we were married.

I commuted out of the county to work the first 18 months after moving in with Lisa. I was slow to leave in the mornings and raced home every evening. Then my father-in-law Gale Denley, the wisest man I’ve ever known, told me I was staying home and going to work with Lisa at the family paper. It was an absolute dream we both cherished.
It was humorous through the years the number of people who somewhat seriously questioned how a husband and wife could be together so constantly? It was an incredible joy for us. We couldn’t imagine not working together, not being together all day, every day.

It’s because of that I feel rather lost right now. But when I look at my wonderful family, especially our grandchildren – Addi Claire, Ellie Kathryn and Jack Marshall – I see Lisa.
The outpouring of support from so many over the past several days has been overwhelming and much appreciated. I already knew what an impact Lisa had on others, but it’s still uplifting to hear from so many that loved her too.

I don’t know exactly what the future holds for me now. I know all of my family, including our faithful dog Charlie, has been pulled together even tighter as a result of this unexplainable tragedy in our lives, which strengthens us all.
I know we have to find a way forward. I know it’s going to be very hard for quite some time. I know I will never get over the loss of the love of my life.