Enjoying the arrival of fall

By Published On: September 23, 2020

I hope the week has found everyone happy and healthy. I have really enjoyed these cooler temperatures. All I want to do is sit outside. It makes getting anything done difficult, but I just want to enjoy it. I love the fall and I’m so glad it’s getting here. The only problem is it doesn’t last long enough. We go from summer to winter too quick.

Mellissa Brooks

Things are still going pretty slow. This virus has really changed so many things. So many lives have been affected by it. I know several people that have had it. Some didn’t know if they were going to make it, and others didn’t even know they were sick. I’m hoping things will go back to normal soon. I remember at the beginning of all this thinking it was being overblown and we’d never see a case here. I didn’t not see that things would change so much. I’m disheartened by a lot of the controversy I see. Every day someone gets shamed for wearing a mask or not wearing a mask. We’re all in this together. It’s new to us all. God has a purpose for everything and I know His will is perfect. Once it’s revealed, we will see that for whatever reason, it was part of something to help us grow. In the meantime, we all need to stay within our Christian character to make Him proud of us.

Bro. Terry brought the message Sunday from Luke 14:15-24. We are all invited to dine with the Lord. When the bell rings, those that are saved will feast with Him. In our text, we see them making excuses not to dine with the Lord. Right now, the door is open to come to the Lord. One day that door will close and it will be too late. Hell enlarges itself daily. People are making excuses to not come to the Lord. They’re selling their souls everyday for some little sin. Any excuse for not coming to Christ and getting saved is lame. God speaks to every individual person differently. When He speaks, you better listen. Don’t let anyone or anything hinder you from that calling. No matter what your sin is. God is calling you. He’s got room for us all at His supper table.

Will you come, or will you make an excuse?
I pray everyone has a great week. If you’re looking for a home church, we invite you to Mt. Liberty. We were very happy last week because we had the new babies in church. It’s such a blessing to see the babies and children being raised in the church. Come join us and bring your family. Services start at 11. We love you all and may God bless.

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