Vardaman schools release supply lists

Vardaman Schools recently released the supply lists for the upcoming school year.

Vardaman Elementary

K4 Kindergarten

•Backpack (no rolling)
•2 Jumbo glue sticks
•2 pks. Twistable crayons (no fine point)
•2 pks. washable Crayola markers (primary colors)
•3 ring binder (1/2”) w/clear
pocket on front
•Vinyl/washable folder with pockets
•Fiskar scissors (blunt tip)

K5 Kindergarten
•4 tablets with 8 lines
•4 lg. Elmer’s school
gluesticks (no bottles)
•4 pks 8 sm. Crayola crayons
•Nylon zipper bag (to hold crayons, scissors, glue)
•Clorox wipes
•#2 Pencils
•Large erasers
•Magic markers

1st Grade
•4 5/8” rule writing tablets
•#2 pencils
•2 boxes crayons
•4 glue sticks
•Pencil bag
•Top erasers
•2 pocket Homework folders

2nd Grade
•2nd grade tablet 1/2 ruling
•2 pocket Homework folders
•crayons (8 or 16 pack)
•Fiskars scissors
•2 pencil bags
•Top erasers
•Color bags
•Ziploc bags

3rd Grade
•2 Composition note books
•1 pack Crayons
•Glue Sticks
•2 packs notebook paper
•1 pack Highlighters
•5 folders with prongs

4th Grade
•Workbook fee $20
•1-1-1/2” binder w/6 dividers
•Loose leaf paper wide rule
•Markers, colored pencils
•Zipper pencil pouch
•4 book covers

5th Grade
•Workbook fee $30
•2” binder w/5 dividers
•Zipper pencil holder
•2 pks. loose leaf paper (wide)
•2-1/2” binders (for reading and social studies projects)
•5-bookcovers (stretchable)
•2 pkg. (50) large clear page protectors
•1 3-prong portfolio
•2 glue sticks
•2 boxes Kleenex
•1 box colored pencils
•1 pkg. highlighters

6th Grade
•1-2” binder
•$30 workbook/planner fee
•3 subject notebooks for
all subject
•2” binders (for reading and English)
•Colored folders for each subject
•Page dividers for binders
•Loose leaf paper
•Graph paper notebook style
•Protractor & ruler (home use)
•5 stretchable book covers
•Clear page protectors
•1 box colored pencils
•1 pkg. highlighters