Concord Church among county’s oldest

Concord Baptist Church, west of Ellard, turned 180 years old this year. The late Rev. L. E. Roane, wrote in his column in the CCJ in 1957, that Concord was the third oldest church in the county. First was Slate Spring in 1836, he wrote.
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Photo of 19th Century courthouse in Pittsboro shared by CCJ reader

I recently found an article printed in The Journal dated Jan. 5, 2012 regarding a photograph of the Calhoun County Courthouse in 1894. [Read more...]

Calhoun County History – Early Bluegrass band Wilson Brothers’ interrupted by WWII

October 7, 1999 – In the late 1930’s and early 1940’s a musical group in Banner known as the Wilson Brothers entertained with their blue grass and country singing and guitar playing at dances and school events north of the Skuna River. [Read more...]

Calhoun County History – Ford Harrelson was a World War II supplier

June 24, 1999 – With the economic woes of the onset on World War II casting a shadow of gloom over Calhoun City it was the inventive genius of the county’s own Lee Ford Harrelson who established a vitally important war manufacturing plant which turned out precision airplane hydraulic fittings for bombers for the Army and Navy by the millions. [Read more...]

William Ottis Hurst recalls Bruce, Ole Miss Glory Days

August 21, 2003 – The memories come back to William Ottis Hurst of Bruce frequently.
“Sometimes I’ll be driving down the road and I’ll start thinking about one of those games.”
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Calhoun County History – His mother received a telegram that he was dead, but she wouldn’t accept the insurance. It was a mother’s instinct. She knew he was out there and … That He Was Alive

The Journal, July 22, 1999
By Pam McPhail
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Calhoun County History- Reuben Cook: Revolutionary Patriot

The Journal, September 17, 1998
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Born to Ride – McKelroy equally comfortable on back of his Harley Davidson as behind his bank desk

August 9, 2001 – It wasn’t unusual for the phone at Bruce’s City Hall to be ringing off the hook as officials worked to keep things running smoothly during the 1997 Sawmill Festival.
What was unusual was one particular call from banner in which a panic-sounding woman warned, “The Hell’s Angels motorcycle gang is on its way to Bruce.”
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85-Year-Old Britain Conley Tends To More Than 3,000 Tomato Plants

June 30, 2005  – Brittian Conley planted three or four tomato plants many years ago and quickly learned he loved the work as much as the produce. He began adding more plants each year as his hobby grew.
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Revisiting the Airmount Community west of Bruce

The Airmount area was settled in the early 1830s, but a few people had reached the area in the 1920s, while the Indians were still owners of the land, Herold Jones, of Benwood, told the Yalobusha County Historical Society at its monthly meeting April 16 in the fellowship hall of First United Methodist Church of Coffeeville.
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