Steve Poindexter’s love for Indian artifacts turns into unique hobby

Steve Poindexter has been infatuated by Indian artifacts and their history all his life.
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Life carried Murphree from Bruce, to Memphis, and back home

Dewey Murphree, of Bruce, loves to be busy all the time, which he has managed to do quite well for 92 years.
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The Smilemaker – Barbara Fox shares the stories behind her book about her daughter Kyndal

Barbara Fox, author of “The Smilemaker,” says it took her over six years to complete the book. [Read more...]

United Sisterhood finds camaraderie, chance to give back

The United Sisterhood organization is a program made up of African American women who do everything for themselves and help their community. [Read more...]

Dr. Bruce Longest reflects on past five months as virus survivor and caregiver

Five months after contracting and surviving COVID-19, Dr. Bruce Longest has made a full recovery while caring for others suffering with a myriad of reactions to the still mysterious virus. [Read more...]

Community comes together to share food with those in need

Rev. Marshall W. Coleman, his wife, Bernadette, and two children, Attorney Kegan Coleman and Kajah Coleman are involved in the “Minority Farmers Alliance” program. [Read more...]

Graduation Day – Blanca Soto took another step toward her dream

Blanca Soto stood proudly dressed in a bright green cap and gown behind a table filled with trophies and certificates bearing her name, including her long dreamed of diploma. [Read more...]

Counselor Tonia Easley talks about the challenges of the new school year

Tonia Easley explains her role as counselor at Vardaman [Read more...]

Engineer Battalion gives back to rural community

National Guard continues to make progress on new Bruce Park bike path [Read more...]

Melanie Bryant’s family-inspired bath and candle company ‘Kitten Britches’ continues to flourish

Opening the screen door and stepping inside the tiny shop you’re instantly consumed with an abundance of irresistible, comforting aromas. [Read more...]