Fear of disappearing work program prompts supervisors to study options for garbage service

Calhoun County Supervisors continue to study the possibility of purchasing new automated garbage trucks and providing carts to county households due to long term fears that the county work program operated through the jail may eventually go away.
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Supervisors consider transition to automatic garbage truck, buying carts

Calhoun County Supervisors are considering the possibility of purchasing a new automatic garbage truck that would help reduce the need for prison labor.
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Supervisors agree on glass petitions, courthouse offices

Calhoun County Supervisors approved a quote to install glass petitions in all courthouse offices separating employees from customers at Monday’s meeting of the board.
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Supervisors hire employees; new voting machines needed

Calhoun County Supervisors hired new workers and made an appointment at their most recent meeting.
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Supervisors accept bid to build new airport hangar

Calhoun County Supervisors accepted a bid to build a new terminal at the county airport in Pittsboro as part of a federal grant project.
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Meet Calhoun County Purchasing Clerk Jenny Hill

Jenny Lynn Hill is a wife, mother, daughter, aunt, and friend to others. [Read more...]

Feds taking over repair of CR 136

The federal government is taking over the repair of the landslide issue that has caused the closure of one lane in a curve on CR 136 near the Reid Community.
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Supervisors award MAS scholarship; discuss rental of county properties

Calhoun County Supervisors awarded a scholarship, purchased some new dumpsters and discussed rentals of fairground properties at their most recent meeting. [Read more...]

Supervisors wrestle with when and how to reopen county facilities safely

Calhoun County Supervisors agreed to reopen the horse arena at the fairgrounds, but held off after a lot of discussion changing current status at the multi-purpose building and courthouse offices.
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Supervisors extend limited courthouse access to May 14

Calhoun County Board of Supervisors agreed to keep the courthouse operating on a curbside basis and prevent the multi-purpose center in Pittsboro from opening until at least their next meeting on May 14.

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