Couple arrested for cashing homemade checks in local stores; jewelry recovered from Anglin breakin

A man and woman wanted in six states for forgery have been arrested for trying to cash homemade checks in Calhoun County stores.

TannerShearsCalhoun Sheriff Billy Mac Gore said he learned of the subjects attempting to cash forged checks in another county on Aug. 12 and began warning local businesses. On Aug. 16 at approximately 9:30 p.m. the couple attempted to cash a check at the BP store in Calhoun City. The store clerk remembered the warning and notified the authorities.
Deputy Byron Talford went to Wayne's One Stop to warn them, where he learned they had just left and that two checks were cashed for almost $800.
Talford contacted the Houston Police to offer a description of the vehicle, which was stopped minutes later. The subjects – Kimberly Tanner and Robert Shears – were transported back to Calhoun to face two counts of uttering forgery. The charge carries a maximum sentence of 10 years each count.
Sheriff Gore said nearly 50 checks generated from a home computer were recovered. All money from Wayne's One Stop was recovered. A misdemeanor amount of drugs was also found in the car. They will face drug charges in Chickasaw County.
collinsdownsSheriff Gore said NCIC records showed they were wanted in six states and by more than 40 different law agencies (learn more).
Sheriff Gore said both of their driver's licenses showed a Lucedale, MS address. He said Shears gave a Memphis address and Tanner stated she is a law student at Ole Miss.
Tanner posted a $10,000 bond Aug. 18 and has been transferred to Tishimingo County where she faces additional charges.
In a separate matter, Sheriff Gore said all jewelry stolen from the Jim Anglin home in Bruce has been recovered and Jason Collins and Jenny Downs have been charged with another burglary at the home of Angela Parker at 229 West Calhoun Street in Bruce.
Sheriff Gore said Parker had been out of town for several weeks and when Dawn Sullivan went to clean her home on Aug. 18 she discovered the breakin.
"This home is only a few doors down from where Collins and Downs live so we immediately focused on them," Gore said. "There was also another receipt from the gold buying place in Grenada dated July 15 that we recovered in our earlier search of their home. We believed and now know these were the items taken from Parker."
Items stolen included two .22 caliber rifles and an assortment of jewelry.