Should voting be convenient?

From microwave popcorn to digital grocery shopping to telemedicine, our citizens worship time and the technology that saves time.
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Senate race is deja vu all over again

The late New York Yankees catcher Yogi Berra would love this one.
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Julia Reed cast a long shadow over New South

It’s difficult to think of Julia Reed without hearing her raspy, smoky voice – sort of an odd cross between Lauren Bacall and the sound a farrier’s rasp makes on the hooves of a draft horse. [Read more...]

Egregious ‘Bite mark’ evidence rejected

A decade ago, I was writing about what I saw as a crisis in Mississippi’s death investigation system. Last week, the state Supreme Court took an essential step toward facing up to a system that remained broken for decades in the case of Death Row inmate Eddie Lee Howard Jr. [Read more...]

After virtual conventions, issues will determine the election

With the Republican National Convention wrapping up this week and the Democratic National Convention just behind us, the stretch run has essentially begun in the 2020 presidential campaign. [Read more...]

Election laws remain a challenge

As the national debate roils over whether or not President Donald Trump and some of his appointees are actively setting up the U.S. Postal Service as an intentional impediment to mail-in voting and other early voting efforts, Mississippi is essentially on the sidelines as one of few states that haven’t embraced both “no excuse” mail-in voting and early voting initiatives. [Read more...]

Immigration enforcement efforts like a whack-a-mole

Whack-A-Mole was a popular arcade game back in the mid-1970s which required players to use a mallet to strike randomly appearing toy moles back into their holes. [Read more...]

Marijuana initiatives face hard road in Mississippi

Mississippi voters will face the question of legalized medical marijuana use on a broader scale on the November ballot. Medical marijuana is already legal in Mississippi in the narrowest of senses.
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Evers was a walking contradiction

Charles Evers, who died last week at the age of 97, changed Mississippi politics in ways that are profound and enduring. [Read more...]

U.S. Coin circulation has penny collection lookin’ good

I have a huge old six-gallon glass water bottle that I inherited from my father. [Read more...]