Shipyard’s future vital to our state

Only Walmart employs more people in Mississippi than does Ingalls Shipyards at about 12,500 employees. But Ingalls and other shipbuilders pay significantly better than Walmart.
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Enjoying the ride with ‘City, Lady Rams

Two nights, two teams, two places, and lots and lots of magic – that was my experience over the past week following the Calhoun City Wildcats and the Vardaman Lady Rams.
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Self-checkout jeopardizing cashier jobs

There were some justifiable fears in the late 1950s and early 1960s - threats like polio, global thermonuclear war, or the President appearing on TV to talk about anything. If he did, you could forget about TV for the night on either of the channels that were available to us (if the weather was right).
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A jazz filled birthday in New Orleans

I hadn’t been home 15 minutes and already I was bleeding.
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Public health care cost is still a vexing challenge

I often wrote over the course of 35 years about public health care finance with a level of personal engagement that reminds me today much of a walk through a really fine zoo. The exhibits were intriguing, yes, but I could certainly lose interest quickly and move on to another topic.
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A puppy, some baseball and lots of driving

During all my criss-crossing to get to various playoff baseball and softball games over the past week, there were a number of enjoyable moments.
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Education, healthcare, roads & taxes will dominate campaigns again

My active observations of Mississippi statewide elections stretch back to the 1970s and what remains fascinating to me is how little the issues have changed since those days.
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24K Magic with Ellie

I was typing away on the Ipad when I needed a break and pushed all my notes away. Middle grandchild Ellie Kathryn was behind me busy with one of the many craft kits Lisa had bought for the girls. Ellie made purses, hats, and lots of colorful scarves that were continually getting wrapped around mine and our dog Charlie’s necks.
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Trump’s border push impacting agriculture

During a briefing on immigration and border security in Calexico, Calif., last week, President Donald Trump held fast to his steady contention that the U.S. immigration system was overburdened as he continued to push for a Southern border wall and tighter security to combat illegal border crossings.
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Reading, writing is my outlet

“Life changes fast.
Life changes in the instant.
You sit down to dinner and life as you know it ends.
The question of self-pity.”

These are the words of Joan Didion, author of the national bestseller “The Year of Magical Thinking.” The book is about the year after her husband died and her roller coaster of emotions as she evolved through the many stages of grief.
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