I am now a crazy Spartan

Carrying a heavy sandbag up and down three flights of stairs, climbing ropes, scaling high walls, leaping over fire and crawling through mud under barbed wire just to come out the end and slide into a deep water filled hole, all spread out across approximately 13 miles of running through ditches, woods, creeks, hills and open fields may qualify as something only an insane person would do.
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Mr. Tommy’s stories live on

Few people could share as many great stories about Calhoun County as Tommy Hallum. More than a quarter-century of newspaper work, three terms as the county’s chancery clerk and a lifetime of feeding his enormous appetite for local history made him an invaluable resource for me.
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A screaming good time

There was lots of blood, a few ghouls, a number of creepy clowns, and screams, high-pitch, ear-splitting screams.
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Up and down weekend with ‘City, Big Creek

Separated by a few hours, the memories and emotions, both good and bad, were plentiful.
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State tests… Here we go again

Please excuse my big sigh as I start this column.
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Slinging sparks and loving every second of it

“I still love to ride the curves and drag a floorboard,” Mike Winter told me over a cup of coffee on the Pittsboro Square. My heart instantly picked up its pace because I knew exactly what he meant. It’s a feeling so indescribable, so exhilarating.
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Birthplace of American Music

Imagine sitting in a tiny “jook” in the Mississippi Delta and Eric Clapton, one of the legendary guitarist in Rock ‘N Roll history steps around a corner, on to the stage, grabs a guitar and just starts playing. [Read more...]

In the end, a good day for Calhoun County

“It’s not the voting that’s democracy, it’s the counting.” – Will Rogers

That was never more true than last Tuesday night as the clock pushed past 11 p.m., my newspaper press was getting anxious for our pages, and I was trying to decipher totals in the Republican runoff for senate district eight.
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Sixty-eight years and counting

This week’s edition marks the beginning of our 68th year at The Calhoun County Journal.
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Best moments come often with AC

We were running a little late, which conflicts with every ounce of my personality. I’m nothing if not punctual. The traffic between Bruce and Oxford early mornings and around 5 p.m. is always amazing to see, and it cost us this night.
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