24K Magic with Ellie

I was typing away on the Ipad when I needed a break and pushed all my notes away. Middle grandchild Ellie Kathryn was behind me busy with one of the many craft kits Lisa had bought for the girls. Ellie made purses, hats, and lots of colorful scarves that were continually getting wrapped around mine and our dog Charlie’s necks.
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Reading, writing is my outlet

“Life changes fast.
Life changes in the instant.
You sit down to dinner and life as you know it ends.
The question of self-pity.”

These are the words of Joan Didion, author of the national bestseller “The Year of Magical Thinking.” The book is about the year after her husband died and her roller coaster of emotions as she evolved through the many stages of grief.
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Good music, good food, good cause

It’s among the prettiest grass I’ve ever seen. You just want to lie down and roll around on it, or better yet, kick a soccer ball across it.
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A ‘Jersey Boys’ respite in Atlanta

It began with a perfect Thursday night, sitting just beyond the end line to get the best view of my granddaughter Addi Claire in her striker position.
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Need to get my hands back in the dirt

The edges of the spiral notebook are a bit tattered, but its contents are priceless. It’s a detailed, hand-written catalog of the many plants we’ve tried in our yard through the years – the ones that worked great, the ones we loved the most, and the ones that we should never plant again. And it’s all in my wife Lisa’s hand writing, which I never tire of reading.
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Charlie leads the way on tour of Bruce

It’s a frequent question every time we loop around town – “You walking that dog or is he walking you?”
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Crown Jewel of the Mississippi Gulf Coast

It was recently rated the best hotel in Mississippi. I’ve considered The White House Hotel on Beach Boulevard in Biloxi the true Crown Jewel of the Mississippi Gulf Coast since first writing about it nearly five years ago.
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A tearful anniversary

Intense, debilitating heartache and unbridled elation, experienced almost simultaneously is an emotional roller coaster that will truly leave you breathless.
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Learning from The Crucible

Turning the corner in front of The Orpheum Theater, walking west toward the river down Beale Street, Sean Galloway, one of my Vardaman Ram soccer players this past season and one of the students in Kayla Long’s drama class at VHS asked me poignantly, “Did you get any of that?”
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The awesome power of music

“Music has healing power. It has the ability to take people out of themselves for a little while.” That quote is attributed to Sir Elton John, one of my favorite artists, and indeed it has been music that has helped carry me to the places in my mind I want to go these past months.
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