Slinging sparks and loving every second of it

“I still love to ride the curves and drag a floorboard,” Mike Winter told me over a cup of coffee on the Pittsboro Square. My heart instantly picked up its pace because I knew exactly what he meant. It’s a feeling so indescribable, so exhilarating.
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Census accuracy is critical

We’ve spent most of the 2019 Mississippi general election cycle talking about the future of public healthcare and the state’s rural hospitals, the deteriorated condition of the state’s infrastructure system, and the needs of public education at all levels – with all three of those issues tied directly to the future of jobs and economic opportunity in the state moving forward. And while the outcome of the 2019 elections will certainly impact all those issues, so will how good or poor a job our state does in making sure there is an effective decennial census conducted in 2020. That process begins April 1. Every household is supposed to receive an invitation to respond to a census questionnaire by mail, by phone, or for the first time in U.S. history, online.
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Birthplace of American Music

Imagine sitting in a tiny “jook” in the Mississippi Delta and Eric Clapton, one of the legendary guitarist in Rock ‘N Roll history steps around a corner, on to the stage, grabs a guitar and just starts playing. [Read more...]

Legislature’s look will change after elections

Nationally, the demographics of America’s state legislators are far different than Mississippi’s numbers indicate, according to data available from the National Conference of State Legislatures.
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In the end, a good day for Calhoun County

“It’s not the voting that’s democracy, it’s the counting.” – Will Rogers

That was never more true than last Tuesday night as the clock pushed past 11 p.m., my newspaper press was getting anxious for our pages, and I was trying to decipher totals in the Republican runoff for senate district eight.
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Reeves, Hood showdown looms

Mississippi’s 2019 gubernatorial ballot is now solidified and while the issues remain basically unchanged since the primaries, the framing for the Nov. 5 will be different.
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Sixty-eight years and counting

This week’s edition marks the beginning of our 68th year at The Calhoun County Journal.
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How does higher ed system compare?

The Chronicle of Higher Education’s annual “Almanac of Higher Education” edition for 2019-20 is hot off the presses and the information contained there is useful for those interested in reviewing how Mississippi’s higher education system compares with our contiguous neighboring states.
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Weidie called it like he saw it

One of the state’s best known and most influential political journalists of the 1970s and 1980s died last week after a courageous battle with cancer. I will sorely miss him.
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Best moments come often with AC

We were running a little late, which conflicts with every ounce of my personality. I’m nothing if not punctual. The traffic between Bruce and Oxford early mornings and around 5 p.m. is always amazing to see, and it cost us this night.
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