Steve sparks my Indian interests

Steve Poindexter ‘s original tomahawks, two of which he graciously shared with me, left me thinking about Indians throughout the weekend. Steve explained his process for making the authentic pieces, but more fascinating to me was his long interest in Indians in general and the lifelong passion for searching and finding artifacts, predominantly arrowheads.
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Should voting be convenient?

From microwave popcorn to digital grocery shopping to telemedicine, our citizens worship time and the technology that saves time.
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Miss shifting gears; young players are full of stories

I was driving down the road the other day with 12-year-old Addi Claire and 8-year-old Ellie Kathryn riding with me when I was asked if I ever drove a vehicle with one of those sticks on the floor.
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Senate race is deja vu all over again

The late New York Yankees catcher Yogi Berra would love this one.
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Returning to the 1980s with a kick and Cobra Kai

“Strike first, strike hard, no mercy.”
It’s not a motto to live by, but it is that of Cobra Kai – the karate dojo cast as the villain in the original Karate Kid movie from the 1980s. [Read more...]

Julia Reed cast a long shadow over New South

It’s difficult to think of Julia Reed without hearing her raspy, smoky voice – sort of an odd cross between Lauren Bacall and the sound a farrier’s rasp makes on the hooves of a draft horse. [Read more...]

A little rain didn’t spoil the excitement

The calendar says September, but my Liverpool squad celebrated spring Monday night in Oxford. [Read more...]

Egregious ‘Bite mark’ evidence rejected

A decade ago, I was writing about what I saw as a crisis in Mississippi’s death investigation system. Last week, the state Supreme Court took an essential step toward facing up to a system that remained broken for decades in the case of Death Row inmate Eddie Lee Howard Jr. [Read more...]

Welcome the return of school routine

This school year might be unconventional by many standards, but it was somewhat traditional for us at The Journal Monday. [Read more...]

After virtual conventions, issues will determine the election

With the Republican National Convention wrapping up this week and the Democratic National Convention just behind us, the stretch run has essentially begun in the 2020 presidential campaign. [Read more...]