Attend first two soccer games; interesting encounter in “PetSmart”

Until last week, I had never been to a soccer game in my life, and now I’ve been to two. Although I’m not sure the first one really counts.
After work last Tuesday, Joel and I, with granddaughters Addi Claire and Ellie Kathryn headed to Oxford to see Parker Murphree in a soccer game.
Parker is the son of Bruce native Briana Parker and husband Justin Murphree. Parker will be four at Christmas and plays in the five and under league.
Briana told us to come to FNC park to the Newk’s field.

Lisa McNeece

Lisa McNeece

First off, we had no idea where FNC park was, although we thought we did. For some reason I thought it was on Molly Barr Road, and Joel thought it was near the airport. We were both wrong.
It was way out on College Hill/Old Sardis Road seemingly in the middle of nowhere. But it was a first class facility, and it was huge.
They have five regulation size soccer fields, ten baseball fields, two practice fields and four softball fields, plus parking for 950 vehicles.

When we pulled up, there had to have been at least eight youth soccer games going on at the same time, pretty close together. So while you were watching one, you could literally go a few feet over, and watch another one.
We finally got to the correct field and there was Parker sitting on the ground taking a rest.
I asked Briana what we had missed and the score.
“Well, we have scored one in this goal and two in the other team’s. So I’m not sure,” she said.
At one point Addi Claire and Joel walked over to watch an adjoining game where girls her age were playing.
“I think I’d like to play soccer,” she told Joel. “It looks like fun.”
Joel said about that time one of the girls in the game was hit square in the face with the ball.
“Never mind that,” Addi Claire said.

The game was not much of a soccer learning experience for me, but it sure was fun.
After the game we headed to Petsmart to restock Addi Claire’s fish aquarium in her room. We had been there two days earlier for Charlie’s puppy obedience class.
Addi Claire asked why the store was called Petsmart. I started to tell her that “mart” was short for “market,” and it was a market for pets, when she cut me off.
“I know,” she said. “You take your pet to class there and then they get smart– pet-smart.”

Joel dropped us off to fish shop while he went to Starbucks. From a previous visit, we knew what and how many fish we needed. However there was someone in front of us and a couple of people behind.
Ellie Kathryn said, “Nana, I need to go to the bathroom.”
I told her that I thought she could wait just a minute since we were next in line and I didn’t want to lose our place.
The customer in front of us was buying 50 crickets to feed her Bearded Dragon lizard. While the crickets were being counted, the customer showed the girls a small styrofoam cup and asked if they wanted to see what she feeds the dragon for dessert. Of course they did.

It was a cup of mealworms. They were amazed and grossed out at the same time.
Then it was our turn, and Addi Claire starts to tell the young lady which glow fish she wants. They were on sale buy three, get one free.
Ellie Kathryn then starts tugging on my arm. I am thinking she wants to go to the bathroom and I asked her to wait just a minute.
“I have to tell you something,” she said pulling my arm down so she can tell me.
She whispers, “Why does that girl have a staple in her mouth?” I look up to see her pierced lip and am at once thankful Joel is not in there.

“I will have to tell you in a minute,” I said. She was quite concerned.
And as soon as we left the store, we wanted to know all about why someone would want an earring in their lip. Me, too.
Sunday night, I went to a real soccer game. Joel and I went to watch Ole Miss girls  vs. Troy and I really enjoyed it.
After seeing the game live, I could understand a lot more about it, until Joel starting telling me about the offsides penalty. The best part is the game has two 45 minute halves with no time outs. Ole Miss won 1-0. I look forward to seeing more games.


Billy Lee of Bruce, was the winner of the football contest by tiebreaker over Linda Luker of Calhoun City; Joshua Warren of Calhoun City; Sam Tutor of Bruce; Billy Hood of Eupora; B.J. Crutchfield of Calhoun City; Jackie Stone of Calhoun City; Kyle Carter of Bruce; Baylen Hill of Calhoun City; and Lori Roberts of Bruce.