Vardaman Man Arrested, Store Robbery

A Vardaman man was charged in the armed robbery of a Chickasaw County store Monday.

Randy Anderson, 41, was arrested at his home Monday afternoon when family members mistakenly reported that Anderson had been shot, which led officers to his home.
Calhoun deputy Dewyane Winter said the robbery was about 9:30 a.m. at the Anchor community store.
He said that Anderson got $20 worth of gas at the store. When he went in to pay and the store employee opened the register, he hit her, grabbed the cash register and ran out of the store to his car, a white Nissan Sentra.
He said the store owner came out behind him with a gun and demanded that Anderson get out of the car and on the ground. Just as Anderson put the vehicle in gear to drive off, the store owner fired a shot which broke out the driver's side window.
Officers from Chickasaw and Calhoun searched for him for several hours in Chickasaw, Webster and Calhoun counties. They found the cash register on the Channel 9 tower road west of Woodland.
Winter said after reports of the gunshot just after 4 p.m., they arrived at Anderson's home on 137 King St. where the Nissan Sentra with the broken out window was parked behind the house. Remnants of the register were in the car, Winter said.
He said they found crack cocaine paraphernalia, keys to the cash register and the Anchor store inside the house and a phone from the store that was in the trash can.
Anderson apparently had a minor injury to his arm from the broken glass. He was treated at Calhoun Health Services and released to DOC where they took him to jail in Houston.
Winter said Anderson had been in the penitentiary for two prior strong arm robberies, including one at Wayne's One Stop, and was out on early release.
In another matter, three men were charged Monday with a breakin at a home in Vardaman in November.
Timothy Fulgham, 25, of Chickasaw County; Norman Peacock, 27, of Bruce; and Jason Doss, 21, Clay County; were charged with burglary of a dwelling.
The burglary was November 11 at the home of Jonathan and Lesley Fugett on First Street. Deputy Winter said the couple was just moving into the home and was not staying there at the time of the burglary.
Entry was through the carport door, which was kicked in. Among items taken were a 52-inch projection TV, Apple i-pod, comforter, clothing, shoes, DVD player and pioneer speaker.
Fulgham and Peacock were already in the county jail when the burglary charge was added Monday.
Two men were arrested last Tuesday in Vardaman on drug charges.
Francisco Gonzalez, 25, and Migdonio Fiqueroa, 26, were charged with sale of controlled substance and sale of controlled substance enhanced.
Deputy Winter said they got two buys off the men of powdered cocaine at Justin's Wash & Dry in Vardaman. He said they found seven more bags in Fiqueroa's wallet when he was taken into custody. Fiqueroa also had a Lorcin 380 pistol on him at the time of arrest. Both are still in custody at the Calhoun County Jail.

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