Tri-Comm. Homemakers Formed In 1972

Tri-Community Homemakers are a group of young and old with certain
goals in mind--to reach out through projects in the county, and show
support to local fundraisers and groups in and out of this community.

Tri-Community Homemakers are a group of young and old with certain goals in mind--to reach out through projects in the county, and show support to local fundraisers and groups in and out of this community.
“We also like to bring awareness to special interests that we have taken under our wing. We are a network of longtime members young and old, men and women, mother and daughter duos, a mother-in-law and daughter-in-law pair, husband and wife team, and three sets of sisters. We take pride in having family be one of our main components. It is with love and support from each other over the years, plus a lot of hard work that makes Tri-Community one of the best Mississippi Volunteer Clubs to be a part of,” said Emily Hubbard, president.
tri-comm.jpgTri-Community Homemakers was formed in 1972 by the joining of four communities as a whole-- Hardin Town, Pleasant Hill, Cross Roads, and Sabougla. The very first meeting was January 10. It started with several members from the four communities, and as of today, five are still active. We have two long time members who joined at the beginning and a total of 26 members now, with 16 regular attendees and 10 mailbox. A mailbox member is unable to meet regularly but participates in projects when possible and gets all material through mail or via e-mail. Ours are from all over--one in Birmingham, Al. and one in Oxford. They are all originally from one of the four communities.
Nancy Funderburg has been a member since 1974, and is one of the few  still fully involved since the club’s creation. She carries the record for having the most perfect attendance noted. She is our current vice president and is on the fashion review committee. Her daughter, Pam Funderburg Burt,  a member since 1983 is always willing to open the doors of her business for the profit of our club like selling cheese and doing window displays. She is on the fair committee.
Jo Gaskin, a member since 2001,   does a lot of baking for the club and always signs up for our fundraisers. Daughter, Katie, became a member in 1991, and Ms. Jo followed suit. Katie, membership committee chairman,  doesn’t mind getting her hands dirty.
Teresa Patterson became a member in 1985 and serves as parliamentarian.  Even though she wasn’t a member until later in life (2002) daughter Mandy Patterson Harris was at many meetings previous, and is on the environment committee.
Jean?Kelly has been a member since 1986 and is our awards chairman. Her husband, Brooks’ job, has them out of the state several months at a time. When she is gone, she is missed, and when she makes it back always attends our meetings.  Daughter Stephanie Kelley Hitt has been a member since 1989. 
No matter where she is she supports our club, as her husband’s job also leads him out of state. She is 4-H chairman. Daughter Natasha has been a member since 2005. She is not able to make all  meetings due to having twins and a full time job. She is nursing home chairman.
Yancydine Smith has been a member since 2001. She is a vital part of our club holding various jobs even now. She’s always making quilts to give away for county fundraisers and is a major contributor to the Ronald McDonald Hospital charities, making endless children’s hospital gowns, pillows and dolls. She always has a full tank of gas in her van ready and waiting. She is “one in a  million” and currently serves as club historian, cultural arts committee chairman and fair committee. Daughter, Sandie Smith Mooneyham, joined the same year as Ms. Dean.  She has carried many a title and won many a ribbon for being and keeping books as secretary. She is also  public relations spokesperson, and on the fair committee.
Tri-Community also has some other family combinations. Our mother and daughter-in-law members are Vicky and Stephanie Hitt. Vicky has been a member since 1976.  Due to health problems she is now a mailbox member. She is our awards chairman. Stephanie married Vicky’s son, John, and they have one son, J.J., whom our club supports through his  activities as a local 4-H member.
Our husband and wife members are mailbox members Dwayne and Sue Gordon. He joined in 2002, and her in 2003. He cooks really well and Sue  aids in any way.
Our sister members are Geneise Hitt and Helen Davis. Geneise has been a member since 1978 and is our International Chairman.  Many thanks to her and her handy work, she helps us remember each meeting. Helen has been  a member since 2007 and is a great role model. She is our acting family issues committee chairman.
Stephanie?Hitt and Natasha Scott are sisters, and mailbox members Glenda Lantrip and Frances Byars are sisters. “Frances Carol is the only member I know of who can host  a great meeting in her family’s old homeplace, and not be in attendance.”
A member since 1999, she is not currently holding a position due to living out of state. One of our new members, Glenda joined in 2008, and lives out of the county.
Many of the members have held various club positions along with raising families and having full-time jobs.
All of them are hard workers and always willing to help. As of today, our vision statements may have changed throughout the years, but we still hold the same principles that we were founded on--making home a better place by strengthening families through education and community involvement. We are very fortunate to have such a family oriented club.

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