Three arrested on drug charges after text message sent to wrong number

A text message sent to a wrong number led to three drug arrests in Calhoun City Thursday night.

Danielle Gray

Sheriff Greg Pollan said he received a call from a woman Thursday afternoon saying she had received several text messages from an unknown number offering to sell her drugs.

Utilizing the woman's phone, the sheriff's department set up a drug buy with the "seller" near Wayne's One Stop in Calhoun City.

Pollan said they borrowed a car to use for the meeting and he, three deputies and a Calhoun City policeman hid near the meeting place.

"When the seller approached the deputy in the

Ira Holmes

borrowed car we surrounded them and took them down," Pollan said.

Arrested were Danielle Gray, 23, of Bruce; Ira Holmes, 30, of Houston; and Talkela Moore, 27, of Houston.

They're all charged with conspiracy to sell and child endangerment. There was a four-month old child in the back seat of their vehicle.

Pollan said "the charges will be enhanced" because they also confiscated a 9mm pistol from the car.

Talkela Moore