Supervisors Vow To Support Farmers

Calhoun County supervisors agreed to draft a letter of resolution in support of local farmers seeking whatever assistance may be available at a meeting in Pittsboro Friday morning.

bd_meetingSupervisors expressed concern for the many farmers who have experienced "significant" crop loss.
"I've never seen this many crops left in the field in my lifetime," Board Attorney Sonny Clanton said.
"Never in history," Supervisor Howard Morgan said.
Board members said they had received several calls from farmers relating to problems with migrant worker contracts. The contracts guarantee the workers a minimum number of hours, but with so much rain, farmers have been unable to provide those hours.
Attorney Sonny Clanton said he had spoken with Derek Adams, Calhoun County Director with Farm Service Agency, and the contracts do contain an "act of God" clause that would likely nullify the hour requirements due to "unusual weather patterns."
The board agreed to support the farmers however they could.
In other news, the board approved a request from Pam McPhail and Barbara Fox to install signs on major entrances into the county denoting Calhoun as the home of Gen. Fox Conner. The signs will be paid for with funds raised by "Fox's Army," a group of high school history students from Calhoun City.
Gen. Conner, a native of Slate Springs, is credited with being a mentor to Gen. Dwight Eisenhower and one of the leading minds behind the U.S. forces World War victories.
"He's bigger than we give him credit for," said Pam McPhail, history teacher at CCHS. "That's just because he was so quiet about it."
"He was an important person to our family, but more importantly to our country," said Barbara Fox, a descendent of Conner's.
The signs will go on the same posts with the entering Calhoun County signs on Hwys. 9, 8, and 32.
County Engineer Chodie Myers also met with the board to update the board on many road projects. The board recessed until Monday at 9:30 a.m.

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