Supervisors Investigate Progress On Courtroom

Calhoun County Supervisors had a rather tame meeting Friday morning.

courtroom44The most notable event at the meeting was a quick walk-through off the large courtroom where the remodel has begun.
Hazardous materials teams were in earlier this week removing asbestos from the building. The building has been gutted for the most part. Supervisors were pleased with the progress thus far.
In other news from the meeting:
•the board approved a utility agreement with Natchez Trace Power to move a power line near a bridge in Sabougla for a construction project.
•the board urged the clerk to inventory all items being stored away from the courthouse campus during the renovation for insurance purposes.
•the board approved three school bus turnarounds.
•the board studied several options concerning a radio system for Purchasing Clerk Sheryl Fleming when her office moves across the Pittsboro Square to the CEDA office. No action was taken.

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