School Board Votes To Keep Superintendent’s Salary at $85,000

The Calhoun County School Board voted to leave the Superintendent's salary at $85,000 for next year at a special called meeting last week.
They also voted to leave the employee schedule the same as last year.

Superintendent Mike Moore also reported on recent cuts. He said that initially 16 non-certified and 19 certified slots were cut.
Moore stressed that it was “slots” cut, which in some instances meant that employees could move to other positions.
He said for example that several of the non-certified teacher assistants have been hired as cafeteria workers.
“We lost 19 slots, but only sent six home,” he said. “With some being hired back, these numbers are improving.”
The board approved the list of certified employees and non-certified employees next year, but voted for an amendment to leave elementary school secretaries/bookkeeper days at 210.
Board members discussed at length the proposal to cut those days to 200 to match their principals. Positions considered for the cutting days were at BES, BUES, CCES and VES.
At BES, CCES and VES, principals are on a 220 day contract and secretaries 210. Principals at BUES and CCMS, which were hired last year when budget cuts started, are hired on 200 day contracts with their secretaries at 210.
They agreed to work toward parity as the budget situation improves by increasing those principal days to 210.
In personnel action the board approved:
•Resignation of Suzette Logan as classroom teacher.
•Recommendation of C.J. Gusmus as band director at CCHS replacing Garvin Keen.
•Balance of contract with June check for Willie R. Brown.
•Extended school year employees–Kyle Clark and Casey Cooksey, classroom teachers for five weeks, three days per week, three hours per day. Lovie Westmoreland and Camilla Miller, classroom aides for five weeks, three days per week, three hours per day. Charles Coney and Lovie Westmoreland, bus driver for five weeks, three days per week. Camilla Miller and Gloria Bean, bus supervisors for five weeks, three days per week.
The board decided terrorism insurance will not be added to the school district's policy for next year. The board had accepted the low bid of Bottrell Insurance for the district's insurance with the option of purchasing the terrorism insurance for $5,000 more.
With a 2-2 tie, the motion to add the terrorism coverage did not pass. Board members Susan Hardin and Billy McCord voted for adding the insurance and Whit Casey and Danny Harrelson voted against it. Board member Bozzie Edwards was not at the meeting.
The board approved restructuring of funding for the elementary assistant program. Federal funds will now be used to pay the assistants, saving the district $200,000.
The board also set a public hearing on the budget for 2010-11 for Monday, June 21 at 7 p.m. in the board room of the district office and the final adoption of the budget for June 28 at 7 p.m. at their regular meeting.

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