School Board raises superintendent’s salary to $90,000

The Calhoun County School Board voted unanimously following an executive session in this week's meeting to raise the superintendent's salary from $85,000 to $90,000 per year.

It was the first raise granted to the position in three years. School Board President Billy McCord said the raise was necessary to keep the school district on par with others in the region.
"We looked at the salaries offered at all the districts in our area of comparable size and we were at the tail end of it," McCord said. "We feel its important that we stay in a competitive situation."
McCord is a supporter of appointed superintendents rather than elected. He said he foresees a day when the state may require all superintendents to be appointed.
"If we ever get to that point of appointing superintendents, we have to be in a position to attract the best candidates," McCord said.
The school board adopted a $19.8 million budget in the meeting, a slight decrease from last year's budget of $20 million. Superintendent Mike Moore and Financial Officer Teresa Dunn said previous federal funds already designated will actually bring spending closer to $21 million.
Dunn reported that staffing for next school year is currently one position more than it was last year.
"Current plans are for one additional in FY 2012 –- a Master Teacher through new Teaching is Fundamentals Grant to assist Bruce Upper Elementary with objective of improving student performance," Duun said.

Area Superintendent Salaries 2010-11
Oxford  $138,000
Grenada $120,000
Pontotoc Co. $108,413
Lafayette $105,828
Houston $100,057
Pontotoc $99,252
Calhoun $85,000
Water Valley $85,000
Coffeeville  $83,400
Chickasaw $83,011
Webster $82,833

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