Renovation Work Begins On Bruce Gazebo

The Bruce gazebo will soon have a new look as a collaborative renovation effort has begun.

The project is a joint effort between the city and the Bruce Improvement Group (BIG). The BIG Committee consists of members of the gazebo_work60Bruce Rotary, Lions, Fine Arts, 20th Century and GRACE?clubs. The organization raised nearly $1,600 to make landscape improvements to the Bruce Square.
The plan includes the removal of the brick walls holding in the flower beds around the gazebo. The bricks had begun to lean forward and split due to roots from the nearby oak trees. The decision was made to remove the outer bricks and drop the flower bedx to ground level. City of Bruce workers completed that task last week.
Work on the gazebo will consist of replacing the rotten wood, adding wooden hand rails to all the entrances to the gazebo, and then painting the gazebo white.
The BIG?Committee chose a new white paint scheme for the gazebo to better highlight the wood features and limit the appearance of the brick and concrete.
Once that is complete, new landscaping will be added providing more color throughout the year rather than the evergreen shrubs previously surrounding the gazebo. Those shrubs were saved and used in a new flower bed around the trees on the east side of the square.
The renovation work on the gazebo was advertised for bid with Ronnie Allen entering the best bid.
An exact completion date for the project isn’t known at this point, but committee members are hoping to have the gazebo done in time to be decorated for Christmas.

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