Recycling Can Change ‘Face Of County’

Dr. Scott Wright told the Bruce Rotary Club Wednesday recycling can "change the face of our county from the visual to our way of thinking."

Wright, pastor of Lewis Memorial Methodist Church in Calhoun City, and Sister Judy Sinnwell, with Excel, spoke to the club regarding their efforts to foster a countywide recycling effort.
They explained how the effort would not only benefit the environment, but the county's bottom line as well. It cost $35 a ton for the county to dump garbage at the landfill in Pontotoc. Every ton of recycling that can be pulled from that is saving the county money. Sinnwell said Alcorn sinnwell_rotaryCounty recently indicated it had saved $60,000 in dumping fees through recycling.
Two large trailers with five separate bins has been set up in Pittsboro across from the Lift, Inc. office where aluminum, cardboard, newsprint, and mixed paper can be recycled. When the bins are full the trailer is hauled to the recycling center in Oxford for emptying. There is no cost for the county beyond the transportation back and forth to Oxford.
Sinnwell and Wright, who are chairpesons of a Green Committee, spearheading this effort, are working to get trailers for each municipality.
"The closer it is to people the more successful this program will be," Sinnwell said.
They are also working with several schools to establish programs on various campuses.
Some rules for delivering your recyclables to the trailer at Pittsboro:
•Newsprint should be loose, not tied together or in a bag.
•Mixed paper includes junk mail, magazines, cereal boxes, and tissue rolls. It also needs to be loose, not bundled together.
•Plastics can be recycled but only 1s and 2s. There is a triangle symbol on the bottom of all plastic containers with a number in the middle. If its a 1 or 2, it can be brought to the trailers.
•Cardboard should be broken down and folded.

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