Police Say Halloween Mischief Won’t Be Tolerated

Law enforcement officials in Calhoun County plan to be out in full force this weekend to prevent any “Halloween mischief.”

Calhoun City Police Chief Benny Langford said roadblocks will be set up and Calhoun City’s curfew of 1-5 a.m. will be enforced. He said all municipal police departments in the county and the sheriff’s department will work hand-in-hand to curtail any wrongdoing.
“We will not tolerate any mischief,” he said.
Bruce Police Chief Stan Evans echoed those sentiments saying the police chiefs in the county got together with the sheriff’s department to make sure they’re all on the same page.
“We’re not going to tolerate any mischief, particularly any kind of egg throwing or other forms of vandalism,” Chief Evans said.
“We’re all working together and determined to keep things safe for the kids,” Vardaman Chief Calvin Barnette said.

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