Planning meeting set to discuss recycling grant received by county

The Calhoun City Chamber expressed its appreciation to the Green Committee for the recent announcement that the county had secured a $78,000 grant for recycling.

The Green Committee, which originated from the chamber, came with the idea for the grant application and handled the necessary paperwork for the county.
"We're really excited about this," said Sister Judy Sinnwell, chairperson of the committee. "We have set a meeting for Jan. 19 to begin discussing the next step."
The grant is to purchase new recycling bins for each town to cut down on transportation costs and provide easier access to the bins for the public.
In other news, Todd Cospelich, chairman of Square PEG, thanked city and county officials for the assistance in removing debris from the south corner of the square where the organization demolished the building on the Dunagin property. Cospelich said the organization was looking into the possibility of getting a mural painted on the exposed wall after some minor repair work is done.
President Barbara Fox thanked everyone for their support in a successful "Souper Celebration, Christmas parade, and Veterans' Day programs.

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