Nobody likes a sore loser

I don’t know what it’s going to take for U.S. Senate challenger Chris McDaniel to get the message this race is over.

If anyone could have convinced him I would have bet it was Ann Coulter, the extreme conservative national political commentator that asked McDaniel to give it up last week in a guest editorial in the Clarion-Ledger.

Joel McNeece

“(McDaniel) is being led down a primrose path to political oblivion,” wrote Coulter, who supported McDaniel in his bid to upset Sen. Thad Cochran. “McDaniel’s passionate supporters think that a moment of crisis for the country is a good time to treat control of the Senate as if it’s a prom queen election.”

Coulter surmised that McDaniel’s refusal to concede the race to Cochran, who defeated him in the June 24 runoff by 7,667 votes, is going to prevent him from having any political future.

There’s no yield to McDaniel thus far. The Associated Press reported Monday that he is asking the Supreme Court for an emergency order forcing Harrison County Circuit Clerk Gayle Parker to let him see their poll books.

He’s relentlessly trying to prove people who voted in the June 3 Democratic primary illegally participated in the June 24 Republican runoff.

It’s no secret that has happened in counties all over Mississippi. However, an examination by McDaniel supporters of the poll books in Calhoun County showed a grand total of only two illegal crossover votes.

Visiting with Yalobusha  County Circuit Clerk Daryl Burney at last weekend’s Bruce Sawmill Festival, he said Yalobusha had a whopping three. There have been countless other reports around the state of other counties revealing their crossover mistakes in single digits as well. That’s a long way from 7,667.

Every election ever held has some irregularities of this manner. It’s virtually unavoidable given our poll worker system. But illegitimate votes totaling a small fraction of one percent doesn’t warrant a new election, as McDaniel is tirelessly crying for, even in a race as close as this one.

McDaniel’s desperation has even led to him accusing Republican Secretary of State Delbert Hosemann of sending out intentionally confusing advice to the state’s chancery clerks.

The race and now McDaniel’s straw grasp was the talk of the Arkansas Press Association last week when I visited with them.
“When Ann Coulter is the voice of reason, you know it’s a crazy race,” one editor told me.

This race is over and regardless of your view of Ann Coulter’s politics, she is 100 percent right on this fact – McDaniel is now blowing any shot of gaining political traction in the future.

No one likes a sore loser.

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