School Board Approves ‘City Principal Position

Calhoun County School Board approved establishing a new principal
position for Calhoun City Middle School (grades 5-7) at a special
called meeting Tuesday afternoon.

Calhoun County School Board approved establishing a new principal position for Calhoun City Middle School (grades 5-7) at a special called meeting Tuesday afternoon.
The board had tabled the matter after a lengthy discussion last Thursday during which several questions were raised.
Board President Billy McCord said he spent hours looking over data and decided the new position was in the best interest of the children.
School District officials Judy Carnaggio, Paula Maddox and Kim Poteete, were also in attendance Tuesday supporting the new position.
The board approved the new position with a 4-0 vote. Board member Danny Harrelson was unable to attend.
Board member Whit Casey said the new principal would help improve test scores in Calhoun City.
Judy Carnaggio agreed saying there are too many students, taking different kinds of tests for just two principals to manage effectively.
Board member Susan Hardin said some issues such as a library and cafeteria are sure to crop up, but a new administrator would be in place to work those out.
Superintendent Mike Moore said funds would be made available to assist with library books needed for the fifth grade students moving from CCES to the middle school.
The new principal at ‘City will be hired on the recently approved administrative pay scale adopted by the board. The principal hired for BUES will also be part of that new scale that applies to all new hires.
The scale dictates a new principal at BUES and Calhoun City Middle School, both 10-month contracts, would make a minimum salary of approximately $40,000. The pay rises from that bottom figure based on years of experience, educational degrees and various other factors.
Superintendent Moore emphasized again the new principal position is not costing the district any additional money due to the new pay scale, 10-month contract, and other changes in the budget.
Moore said these two principal positions will pay much less than others in the district due to the lesser number of students and limited outside duty at night.
Moore also noted no grades will be shifted at Bruce. Seventh grade will remain under BHS?Principal Mark Grubbs.
In other news, Dr. Mike Waldrop, executive director of the Mississippi School Boards Association, spoke to the board and county principals last Thursday for two hours about the new accountability model and the association's view on how a school district should operate.
Dr. Waldrop outlined a chain of command that would have the teachers accountable to principals, the principals accountable to the superintendent, and the superintendent accountable to the board.
Dr. Waldrop said the board should be focused on what needs to be accomplished – a short and simple unified vision for the whole district, such as being the best district in the state. He said the superintendent should be focused on how to execute that.
Dr. Waldrop stressed the board should be "data driven" in its decision making.
He also cited recent research that showed "if you have a strong principal, you will have a strong school. If you have a weak principal, you will have a weak school."

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