Masseys take top honors in Christmas Lighting Contest

Bruce Twentieth Century Club announced the 2012 Christmas Lighting Contest winners this morning after judging took place last night.

1st- Danny and Lib Massey
2nd- Dan and Bridget Fulton
3rd- Marshall and Whitney Bailey
HM- Shane and Misty Goodson

1st- Myra Sullivan
2nd- Enoch and Erica Griffin
3rd- Jared and Courtney Giffin
HM-Joel and Lisa McNeece

Christmas Tree
1st- Betty Edwards
2nd- Rex and Janice Jarrett
3rd- James Earl and Frances  Snyder
HM- Jim and Betty McCostlin

1st- Steve and Jill Ferguson
2nd- William and Kaye Ruth
3rd- Lee and Lori Peden

1st-Jessye and Debbie Higdon
2nd-Rhonda Jarrett Brown
3rd- Tony and Annette Ruth
HM- Jerry and Janice Ellison

1st- Dean and Cassie Bryant
2nd- Don and Billie Joe Bell
3rd- Turner and Leigh Moore
HM-Judy Hurst