Former Countians named DeSoto Parents of the Year


Two former Calhoun Countians were named Parents of the Year at DeSoto County Schools Parent of the Year reception yesterday. Emily Moore Parker, third from left, formerly of Calhoun City, was named Hernando Hills Elementary School Parent of the Year, and to her right, Casey Crump Lafoe, formerly of Pittsboro, was named DeSoto Central Primary School Parent of the Year. Casey was also named DeSoto County Schools Overall Parent of the Year from their 42 schools. She will go on to compete as Mississippi Parent of the Year. On hand to celebrate were, from left, Kerry McCormick Baker, formerly of Bruce, DCS Director of Human Resources; Donna Neal Foster, formerly of Bruce, who attended the event to celebrate with her daughter-in-law Emily; Jennifer Keeton Weeks, formerly of Calhoun City, DCS Assistant Superintendent, and Amber Vaughn Melton, formerly of Bruce, DCS Positive Behavior Specialist.