Flip Flops, Crocs Still Not Acceptable For Teachers

The Calhoun County School board set a vision statement for the district, adjusted the dress code for teachers, and approved more than three dozen personnel changes at a busy meeting Monday night.

The board unanimously agreed to a new vision statement for the school district – “to provide an appropriate education for each individual student in the school district.” The board will now begin work on a cohesive mission statement as well, as suggested by the state school board association.
The board was also unanimous in a change to the teacher handbook relating to “appropriate shoes.” Last year the district received a lot of attention after banning flip-flops, Crocs, and other shoes perceived to be too casual.
The new dress code for teachers simply requires “professional dress shoes” and leaves the discretion up to the principal to enforce.
“The message was sent very strong last year as to what was appropriate,” Superintendent Mike Moore said. “If we regress, we can take it up again next year.”
Moore said he had received numerous emails containing pictures of shoes for him to evaluate. He said he trusts the principals and teachers to make the right decisions to keep a “professional” atmosphere at the schools.
Other items approved by the board:
•Student transfers – Timothy and Joshua Walls from CCES to VES; Alexa Harmon from Calhoun to Houston.
•Purchase of plumbing supplies from Ball Building Supply for VES?building in the amount of $7,773.65, the higher of two bids received. The other bid was $43 less from Southern Pipe in Grenada. Moore said it wouldn’t take but a couple of trips back and forth to Grenada to account for the price difference.
•The board agreed to transfer the remaining three mil funds from the VES building project to Bruce for work on the band hall renovation and roofing projects throughout the county.
•Salary for instructional intervention tutors to be $75 per day for 165 four-hour days.
•The board approved supplements as is for the new school year, but agreed to look further at the issue and possibly amend at a future meeting.
Superintendent Moore raised the question as to whether the supplements should be adjusted for some of the smaller sports that may not get as much participation such as tennis or golf where a coach may only be coaching one student.
He said he had received a request for a powerlifting coaching supplement to be added at Vardaman, but noted Calhoun City won a state title last year without a supplement.
Questions were also raised about the possibility of utilizing an unused supplement for an assistant band director position some years.
President Billy McCord said he would not be willing to look at any supplements that would add additional salary costs to the district at this time.
“These are all issues we need to look at more closely so we can come up with a district-wide policy,” Moore said.
•The superintendent’s salary was set at $85,000 – same as last year.
•Personnel – created clerical position at Calhoun City Middle School  to work same number of days as principal; create certified teaching position at Vardaman using MDE-Title 1, Part A, American Recovery Reinvestment Act funds; changed Patricia Roath Kelly from six to seven hours per day at BES?Cafeteria, and the same for Patti Williams, Glenda Calder and Angela Pittman at CCHS cafeteria;
Hired Bryan Maddox as BHS?ag teacher replacing Hannah Watts; hired Ruth Johnson as alternative school teacher replacing Hilda Hemphill; Linda Stepp resigned as teacher; Kimberlee Parker hired to replace Stepp; Christy Edgeworth to transfer into Parker’s position; LaShon Shaw to transfer into Edgeworth’s position; Neil Buhrmaster hired as SpEd teacher replacing Tammy Nix; Mauri Bailey hired as teacher replacing Greg Haynes; Jon Hardin hired as teacher replacing Kyle Clark; Kyle Clark transfered into Anita Howell’s position; Brittany Hicks hired as teacher replacing Brad Parker; Jean Ann Casey hired as curriculum facilitator for school district;
Laurie Washington hired as teacher replacing Jean Ann Casey; Blaine Parker, Bridgit Haire and Karen Porter hired as parental involvement coordinators; Windy Austin transferred into Paula Monaghan’s position; Donna Butler hired as teacher replacing Austin; Amber Gilliam hired as teacher; Alison Hardaway, Anita McGregor, Jan Hutchins, Gerry Marshall, Laura Clark, Mollie McCorkle, Joshua Threet hired as ELL?tutors; Travis England transferred into teaching position vacated by Mike Ray.
Jimmy White transferred into Greg Haynes bus driving position. Earnest Corbitt hired to replace White.
Substitute cafeteria workers hired – Patsy Sue Williams, Peggy Ramsey, Ramona Spencer, Cynthia Lester, Faye Douglas, and Fredia Hardin.
Student workers hired – Rodscottrick Conley, Annie Marizette, Allen Brassfield, Cheyenne Tatum (sub), Brandon Walker, Domingo Garcia, Rodriquez Patterson, Nicholas Hankins (sub), and Jeremy Penson.
•In his superintendent’s report, Moore said test scores from last year are in, but remain embargoed, meaning they can’t be released publicly until Aug. 20. He said he plans to invite all the principals to attend a meeting and talk about the scores with the board.

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