First Chicken Scramble at County Fair draws 70 competitors

Seventy-one kids competed in the first "Chicken Scramble" at the Calhoun County Fair Thursday night.

Chloe Clements, left, won the 7-year-old chicken scramble. Pictured at right is Emily Vail.

Winners included Carson Jeffreys (2-3 year olds), Maggie Nichols (4 year olds), Austin Cannon (5 year olds), Reed Newman (6 year olds), Chloe Clements (7 year olds), Cameron Crutchfield (8 year olds), Baylas Hamilton (9-10 year olds), and Parker Winter (11-12 year olds).

This was the first year of the chicken scramble. The Fair Board opted to try the chicken scramble when they were unable to secure enough pigs to hold the traditional pig scramble.