Dr. Curtis Ferrell will lead missions for Calhoun Baptist Association

Dr. Curtis Ferrell, the new director of missions for the Calhoun Baptist Association, grew up in a missionary family.

ferrells27He was raised in Argentina where his parents served as missionaries, but always considered Mississippi his home in the U.S.
He graduated from Mississippi College in Clinton and the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in New Orleans.
He and his wife Deanie returned to the mission field where they served in Ecuador for 13 years. Several sculptures in his new office at the Baptist Association in Calhoun City reflect their time there.
“We really enjoyed our time in Ecuador,” Dr. Ferrell said.
The Ferrells have two daughters, Melissa and Cristina, and two grandchildren.
He has served on numerous committees with the Mississippi Baptist Convention and has been associate pastor of two Mississippi Baptist Churches. For the past 11 years he has served as pastor at First Baptist Church in Holly Springs.
Deanie is an accomplished singer as she recently demonstrated at Concord Baptist Church where Dr. Ferrell preached his first sermon in Calhoun County.
“We’re really excited to come to Calhoun County,” Dr. Ferrell said. “There are so many opportunities for mission work here.”
Dr. Ferrell said he would help organize and lead mission projects for many of the smaller churches around the county who enjoy teaming up to do large projects.
He’s in the process of getting around to all of the churches to meet as many people as he can right now.
“I’m enjoying getting to know all of the people right now,” Dr. Ferrell said. “We still have a lot of churches to get to.”

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