Designated Drivers Service Starts In Oxford

OXFORD — A new on-call designated driver service in Oxford has folding electric bicycles to get its own drivers home. Zach Gossett and Katie Sims own the University Designated Driver company. Gossett says they tested folding scooters used by similar companies in other cities.

But there was a big problem: “They leak oil and gas, creating a nauseating environment inside our vehicle,” Gossett said. “We started looking at our other options, and the folding electric bike was the most attractive on many levels. They use no gas, emit no fumes, weigh less than the scooters, and give our DDs a higher profile while riding.”
The company takes reservations or spot calls. A driver pedals to the car, puts the folded bike into the back seat, then drives car and owner to their destination.
Both Sims and Gossett have lost loved ones or seen friends injured due to drunk drivers. Gossett also saw his brother flip his car last year when he fell asleep at the wheel.
“We want to help anyone who is impaired, not just with alcohol, but too tired to drive or after a surgery,” Gossett said.
Sims and Gossett hope this will reduce the number of cars left on the Square in Oxford, and the number of people who drive when they shouldn’t.
They charge $20 per trip, plus $2 per mile.

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