Coming Home To Music

trumanesmall.jpgAfter more than five years of service in the U.S. Army, including tours
in Iraq and Afghanistan, Bruce native Trumaine Foster is getting the
musical career he’s always dreamed of underway.

After more than five years of service in the U.S. Army, including tours in Iraq and Afghanistan, Bruce native Trumaine Foster is getting the musical career he’s always dreamed of underway.
Foster, a 2003 graduate of Bruce High School, recently released his first solo album while also working as a record producer. Foster is also working at The Tone Room, a music studio in Oxford, assisting in promotions and engineering. The Tone Room, owned by David Kincaid, is the largest music studio in North Mississippi, Foster said. He also owns his own studio in Clarksville, Tenn.
Foster, 25, has been involved in music all his life. He was active in the music programs at Bruce High School – singing in the chorus, a gospel quartet, and taking lessons from Linda Ann Ward.
trumane83.jpg“I first started playing piano for Pastor Tony Tillman at Clear Creek Church,” Foster said.
After graduating from high school, Foster entered the Army where he served a 13-month tour in Iraq and then an 8-month tour in Afghanistan as a motor transporter.
“I went into the military seeking other things,” Foster said. “Looking for something different, but I kept coming back to the music.”
“My 1st Sergeant in Iraq kept pushing me to stay involved in music,” Foster said. “He said this is what I should do.”
Foster would organize talent shows and produce musical performances for the troops while overseas.
“I guess that’s when I realized maybe this is what I’m supposed to be doing,” Foster said.
After returning home Foster began diving head first into the music, working with many local and regional artists such as DJ?Unk in Atlanta and Bruce’s DSF. He was also doing some performing of his own at “The Coffee House” in Nashville and local gatherings in the Bruce area.
Foster’s music got a jolt when he started posting some of his own songs on the internet and getting thousands of hits. Suddenly he went from the control board to behind the microphone as he chose 18 out of 80 original songs he had written for the release of his debut album – “Preparing Myself.”
The CD is currently available at No More Hats Barber Shop and Tessa’s Beauty Salon in Bruce. It’s scheduled to hit shelves in Best Buy in mid-August.
The album was produced by Undray Mays and Foster on his own label – Lost Child Entertainment.  The label’s name came from an experience in Iraq.
“We had just come under a mortar attack and I remembered thinking I felt like a lost child away from his mom,” Foster said. “It just kind of stuck with me.”
Foster said finishing his album was his “biggest accomplishment” so far and he dreams of taking the next step in becoming a national artist, but producing is still a priority also.
“Putting out my own album was really an accident,” Foster said. “I actually enjoy the engineering and producing more. I love being a creator. There’s a lot of musical talent out there that just needs an opportunity. I want to be able to provide a studio people can afford access to so everyone can have a shot at their dreams.”
Meanwhile, Foster is busy growing his own label and working with local musician/ producer Bryan Ward at The Tone Room.
“This is a first class operation at The Tone Room,” Foster said. “Bryan is a tremendous talent and this studio has a lot of great performers lined up. It’s a great opportunity for me to work with them.”
Foster is assisting Ward in the production of Blues legend Bobby Rush’s latest album. Foster is the lead producer on the debut album for former Miss Mississippi Kimberly Morgan.
He also plans to continue working on his education with a musical engineering degree from SAE in Nashville.

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