How much does social media impact elections?

STARKVILLE – In the old days, a long drive on a state highway through stretches of rural Mississippi were a reasonably reliable barometer of the voter support, or at the very least, the fiscal health of a statewide campaign. All one had to do was count the billboards and yard signs.
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McDaniel’s ‘Morning Joe’ comments miss the point

STARKVILLE – The so-called “jungle primary” to choose a successor to retired Republican Mississippi U.S. Sen. Thad Cochran took a truly strange turn in downtown Oxford last week.

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Despite prognostications, Espy electoral math tough

STARKVILLE – Conservative newspaper columnist George Will is a magnificent political observer and a marvelous writer. Whether it’s politics or baseball, Will’s stuff is a reliably good read.

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Remember Rep. Clarke’s grit when lottery begins

STARKVILLE – The word out of Jackson is now that Gov. Phil Bryant has signed the Alyce G. Clarke Mississippi Lottery Act into law, it will take about a year to get the lottery up and running. When that transpires, Mississippians who want to play the lottery and those non-gamblers who will merely benefit from the tax revenue should give pause to remember the great lady for whom the lottery act was named.

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McCain’s Mississippi ties strong, complex and jarring

STARKVILLE – The late Arizona Republican U.S. Sen. John McCain had more than a passing connection with Mississippi, despite being best known here for his 2008 presidential debate appearance with then-Illinois Democratic U.S. Sen. Barack Obama at Ole Miss and for famously sparring with former U.S. Sen. Thad Cochran on Capitol Hill over the fortunes of Mississippi farm-raised catfish producers.

 On Friday, Sept. 26, 2008, Obama and McCain squared off in the Gertrude C. Ford Center on the Ole Miss campus in the first of three televised debates during that campaign. The nation was mired in a financial crisis that threatened to derail the debate – at least from the McCain campaign’s perspective. [Read more...]

Session promises funding options after GOP tax cuts

 STARKVILLE – The proceeds from a new state lottery? A dedicated portion of the new online sales tax collections? A portion of gaming revenues from the newly minted sports book in Mississippi casinos? Borrowed or bonded revenues? Maybe a portion of the BP oil spill settlement funds as well?

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Despite the rhetoric, the news isn’t ‘fake’

STARKVILLE – From the White House down to city halls in rural hamlets across this country, politicians are using the term “fake news” to discredit anything they encounter in the media that they deem negative or that doesn’t fit their self-interests.
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Senate hopefuls leave Neshoba Fair with different momentum

STARKVILLE – The major contenders in the 2018 Class II U.S. Senate nonpartisan special election on Nov. 6 left the state’s premier political stump with very different kinds of momentum.
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Mid-term election stakes high for state’s farmers

NATCHEZ – While it’s easy to get caught up in the lunge-and-parry of personality politics in Mississippi’s 2018 congressional elections, the fact is that this election cycle is fraught with issues and concerns that are very real to Mississippi voters and that’s particularly true for Mississippi farmers, ranchers, and producers.
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For McDaniel, FEC results show more than low fundraising

STARKVILLE – The Federal Elections Commission second quarter campaign finance reports are in and for State Sen. Chris McDaniel, the reports are everything he’s been telling us they would be in his steady drumbeat of fundraising emails called the “Remember Mississippi Moneybomb.”
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