Can’t make mass murders stop until the cause is identified

When a patient shows up with an ailment, a doctor is sometimes able to cure the ailment. At other times, the doctor is limited to treating the symptoms resulting from the ailment. Doctors know the difference.
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Thanksgiving is a middle child, but deserves attention

Confession: Much of what follows is recycled. But recycling is a good thing, isn’t it? The thought being repeated is that Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas are a trifecta of holidays, all in a row. Bam, bam, bam.
Thanksgiving, like a middle child, can get lost in the shuffle.
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Better school, better community

All the king’s horses and all the king’s men have had their first meeting. Their challenge is to put the Jackson Public Schools back together again. No small feat.
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Journalists don’t “dumb down” their copy

Imagine a timber crew idling around their pickups in the moist, early-morning silence of a pine forest, waiting for their workday to begin. A tardy member of the crew pulls up, kills his engine, opens his door and steps out, his laced-up boot sliding just a bit on the scarred ground. He ambles around to the bed, lowers the gate and slides out a shiny new 40-inch Stihl. Without a word and in an instant, his mates notice, then gather around in hushed awe and admiration. His shoulders seem broader, head higher.
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Stopping cycle of abuse with public funds a must

It’s one of the most famous movies ever, with many memorable lines. One comes to mind whenever cavalier handling of public funds comes to light in Mississippi. It’s where Capt. Renauld blows his shrill whistle and orders everybody out of Rick’s tavern.
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Supreme Court unanimously reminds us Mississippi is a democracy

During the hurricanes early this month, the Mississippi Supreme Court quietly struck a blow to ratify people-power in city halls and courthouses around the state. The court affirmed that public boards, councils and commissions violate the law when they split into small groups for closed huddles to keep their thoughts and plans under wraps.

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Summer adventure turned tide of American history

Summer was a happy time in the Mississippi Delta for 12-year-old Simeon Wright. It only became happier when Wright and his brothers were told a cousin, Bobo, would be visiting from Chicago.
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‘Keep the flag’ sentiment rests on shaky foundations

People opposed to changing Mississippi’s flag are standing on at least five false premises.
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The reusable plastic bag

Learning to text, to ask our phones for information and to instruct our cars to give us directions (and scold us for wrong turns) have been manageable. [Read more...]

Today, left and right confused with right and wrong

Charlie Faulk was patient. As the first managing editor to shepherd me, he had to be. He’s gone now – 27 years – but America and American journalism are in sore need of his gentle good humor and wisdom.
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