Calhoun City native Hoskins among soldiers mentoring Iraqi Army

BAGHDAD—From Jan. 31 to Feb. 3, Soldiers with Company A, 299th Brigade Support Battalion, 2nd Advise and Assist Brigade, 1st Infantry Division, United States Division – Center continued their role advising and assisting the Iraqi Army units within the Baghdad area by  conducting classes on internal and external supply management policies and procedures. Among those soldiers is Sgt. Denna Hoskins of Calhoun City.

Five Soldiers with the 6th Iraqi Army Division currently serving in the supply management field at Joint Security Station Constitution, Iraq, took part and about 30 additional IA Soldiers are scheduled to attend this course over the upcoming weeks.
The course, taught by Soldiers from the 299th BSB’s Supply Support Activity warehouse, provided IA Soldiers the opportunity to experience first-hand both the automated hoskinsand manual processes U.S. Army logistical specialists perform on a daily basis.  
Additionally, the students received a tour of the battalion’s warehouse and participated in a discussion on receiving, issuing, storing and filing process and procedures.  
Sgt. Denna Hoskins, with Company A, 299th BSB, and a Calhoun City, Miss., native, served as one of the primary instructors for the course.
She presented information on the procedures for receiving and processing supplies as well as the importance of keeping accurate records.
“I enjoyed teaching the course because it gave me the opportunity to show the importance of the job as an automated logistics specialist to the Iraqi Soldiers,” Hoskins said.  “I was able to share my sense of pride knowing that my job helps people successfully continue their mission every day.”  
Sgt. Jamal Fowler, with Company A, 299th BSB, and a Laurel, Md., native, also provided instruction during the course.  
He highlighted the importance of warehouse storage procedures, inventory procedures and safety guidelines.  
“No victory can be achieved without good logistics,” Fowler said.  It is important for the IA Soldiers to continue to improve their supply and distribution methods within their units, he said.
Both Hoskins and Fowler encouraged two-way conversations during their classes as the instructors and students compared the processes of each unit.  
The IA Soldiers explained their processes and procedures in their warehouse and supply chains which improved the U.S. Soldiers’ understanding of how the 6th IA conducts supply business at JSS Constitution.
On the last day of instruction, Soldiers with the 299th BSB combined all the lessons from the week into a final scenario-based activity.  
The scenario involved the arrival of parts to the facility and the manual process of handling and accounting for each individual part.  Overall, the activity was used to tie together all the training and ensure the IA Soldiers understood how the supply system works.  
On Feb. 3, the Soldiers of the 6th IA received their certificates of completion signed by Lt. Col. Dale L. Farrand, commander of the 299th BSB, 2nd AAB, during a small ceremony at JSS Constitution, Iraq.  
“Good logistics, or lack thereof,  is the difference between mission success and mission failure,” Hoskins said.  “That is why we work hard to mentor our IA counterparts and ensure they can provide good logistical support to their units.”

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