Calhoun City High School to host “active shooter” drill Friday

Calhoun City High School will host an “active shooter drill” this Friday, Aug. 29 that will involve law enforcement from all over the region and several state agencies.

Sheriff Pollan

The drill is a state-sponsored event that replicates a school shooting to allow law enforcement, school officials, and emergency workers to train for such an emergency.
“This is only a drill,” Sheriff Greg Pollan said. “We do not want parents coming to the scene.”

Sheriff Greg Pollan said the drill, coordinated by the Mississippi Emergency Management Agency, will begin sometime Friday morning and continue throughout the day. Law enforcement agencies will be on the radio and area media will be present to help create a realistic scene.
“MEMA will bring several actors to play various roles and we will have some students involved,” Sheriff Pollan said.

“We’re going to be proud we did this,” Superintendent Mike Moore said. “We have prepped the kids at school for this. We’ve tried to get word out to everyone that we’re conducting this drill and it is only a drill.”
Moore said the school district plans to have all their administrators on scene to observe and make notes.

“We’re doing this to see how prepared our area law enforcement and emergency personnel are and how effective the schools’ security plan is,” Sheriff Pollan said. “This will be a valuable experience for us to improve our preparedness.”