Bruce Upper Elementary Supply List

Bruce Upper Elementary School releases supply lists for grades 4-6.

Grades 4-6

•3-Ring Binder 2-1/2-3”
(no spiral notebooks allowed)
•Loose Leaf Paper
•#2 Pencils (no ink pens, gel pens
magic markers, no liquid paper)
•Subject Dividers (7)
•Dry-erase markers (5th grade only   
to be used on individual erase
•Ziplock bag for dry erase markers
(5th grade only)
•Folders w/Pockets & Brads (4)

Optional Supplies:
•Facial Tissue
•Disinfectant Spray
•Band Aids
•First Aid Spray
•Disinfectant Wipes
•Tylenol or non-aspirin pain
reliever (given with signed
parents permission)

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