Bruce Museum Seeking Old Photos

The Bruce Museum is seeking old pictures of Bruce and other items to compile for its photo library. The museum is currently working on a handful of new exhibits and is seeking more items for display.

If you have a photo you would like to contribute, the museum prefers you make a copy of the picture to submit so you can retain your original. If needed, the museum can make the copy for you and return your original.

The museum also welcomes other items pertaining to Bruce history. New display cases have been acquired to safely display items under glass.

If you have photos or other items you believe would be a great addition to the museum, please contact the Bruce Chamber of Commerce at 983-2222 or email You may contact the chamber by mail at Bruce Museum, PO Box 1013, Bruce, MS 38915 or bring it by the chamber office in the south end of the Bruce Museum building on the square.

Pictured is one of the photos submitted featuring the staff of the E.L. Bruce Company Store around 1950.

Among the many pictures submitted to the Bruce Museum is this shot of E.L. Bruce Company Store employees circa 1942. Pictured, from left, Tug Hill, Shane Barbee, Howard Cozart, Red Whittle, Dewey Howell, Edd Simpson, Avery Hill, Sophie Malone, Onita Mayhan, Lillie Brand, and Louise Kisner Smith.



  1. Patrick Harvey says:

    My grandfather, William Henry Ames, worked for the E. L. Bruce company some time in the late 20’s or early 30’s. Would you happen to have a photograph which includes him?

    Thank you,
    Patrick Harvey

  2. Joel McNeece says:

    Our newspaper wasn’t founded until 1953, so I doubt we will have anything in our archives. I will forward your request to the local historical society. They may have something. Thanks

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