Irish immigrant Finn was first to settle at Banner

The fate of the 120-year-old Banner Lodge was originally tied to that of a Methodist Church, both of which were delayed for almost 10 years by the outbreak of the War Between the States.
Also figuring prominently in the story is one of Calhoun County’s most famous historians, Dr. M.D.L. Stephens, The Rambler, whose stories about his travels in the area inspired him to write stories for the newspaper at Pittsboro which have been many times told and retold.

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CCHS Most Beautiful

Sharing the title of Senior Most Beautiful at Calhoun City High School are Jaden Myers and Landyn Stoddard. We'll have pictures of all the winners from the Calhoun City Schools' Beauty Review in next week's edition of the CCJ.

Kayla Wesley is experienced on both sides of military deployment

Vardaman Town Clerk Kayla Wesley isn’t just a veteran, she’s a veteran of coping with military deployments.
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Phillips excited by growth, spirit exuded at Robbs Chapel M.B.C.

Erwin Phillips has served Robbs Chapel as pastor for three years.
The church, located off Hwy. 341 North in the Robbs Community, is more than 120 years old.
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We should care for mentally ill like we do those suffering from heart disease, cancer

At the federal courthouse in Jackson, East Mississippi Correctional Facility is defending itself against a lawsuit claiming atrocious conditions for its inmates.
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Volunteering spirit leads Casmus to Calhoun City Police Dept.

George Casmus has a passion for service. It’s what led him into the military for 12 years. It was what drew him to work for the U.S. Postal Service for decades. And now it’s caused him to put on a badge as the newest member of the Calhoun City Police Department.
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Farm-to-YOUth combats local food insecurity in Calhoun County

Results are in for last year’s Farm-to-YOUth! project at the University of Mississippi, a program that brought fresh produce into rural elementary schools and introduced healthier options to more than 1,100 children and their families.
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BTC earns prestigious national honor

Bruce Telephone Company (BTC) has been honored with the Smart Rural CommunitySM Showcase award by NTCA – The Rural Broadband Association, which cited BTC’s advanced communications services and collaboration with local leaders in agriculture, health care, public safety and education as keys to its success.
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Trojans win county tournament

Vardaman catcher Ty Edmondson applies the tag to the sliding J.P. Stewart, of Bruce, for the out as Trojan Austin Faddock looks on. The Trojans recorded the win over the Rams and the Wildcats to win the county tournament Monday. See more on pages 10-11. Photo by Joel McNeece

Lots of entertainment in my podcasts library

When I was young, the capabilities of your car stereo said a lot about where you stood in the pecking order among the coolest kids in school.
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