Vardaman moving playground pieces to Veterans’ Park

The Vardaman Board of Aldermen voted to move the newer set of playground equipment in the old park on school property to Veterans’ Park near the post office at last week’s meeting.
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‘City approves roofing bid; Gordon added to Park board

Calhoun City board of aldermen appointed a new member to the Park and Rec board, met two new police officers, and awarded the bid for the roof project at Little Birdie in their meeting last week.
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Hannah Morris

Hannah Grace Morris and her mom, Melissa, cook together a lot. “We experiment and we like to have fun in the kitchen,” she said.
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Downing earns Hall of Fame honor

Bruce native Ann Downing will be inducted into the 2018 hall of fame of the Southern Gospel Music Association later this year.
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Cougars search for linemen; season practice starts July 23

Calhoun Academy football practice kicks off July 23 with two-a-days from 6-8 a.m. and 6-8 p.m.
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Sawmill Festival Queen

Mary Alon James is the 2018 Bruce Sawmill Festival Queen. She is the daughter of Cassie Ferguson and Tommy James Jr. Mary Alon will welcome all to the festival Friday evening at the opening ceremony at 6 p.m. Photo by Joel McNeece

State can increase taxes without a tax increase

Close your eyes. Imagine being a politician in a cash-strapped state. Imagine your people – those who voted for you based on your firm stance against tax increases – are going to be hit up for another $100 million every year. Imagine you get the money to spend as you wish, but your purity is intact. They can’t blame you in the slightest.

Open your eyes. It isn’t a dream. It’s real. And, for lawmakers, it’s better than an ice cold slice of Smith County watermelon plus a bowl of homemade peach ice cream on a July afternoon.

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I’ve had some good years

COAHOMA—I think it was easier being a kid when I was one. Oh, there weren’t any hand-held computers we call cell phones or 200-plus-channel TV and “steaming” packages to entertain us, but neither were there any drugs or child predators or gangs or many other of the things which threaten kids today — at least not here, in the then wonderful little northern Coahoma County hamlet of my rearing.
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Calhoun City native accepts job with MDE

Phelton Cortez Moss, a native of Calhoun City, was recently approved by the Mississippi State Board of Education to serve as the Bureau Director for Educator Effectiveness and Talent Acquisition at the Mississippi Department of Education in Jackson.
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Collins, Stroup lead Trojans’ QB competition this summer

Jay Collins and Austin Stroup look to be the front runners for the Bruce quarterback position in 2018 as summer workouts progress.
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