Dee Franklin

Dee Franklin was involved in Calhoun County 4-H’s Kids in the Kitchen when she was younger and always watched her dad, Danny Franklin, when he was cooking.
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Was hoping for a bigger snow day

The picture dominates our front lobby at The Journal and frequently elicits comments from visitors.
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Cold weather calls for soup and cornbread

Yesterday’s forecast was expected to be a high of 25 degrees and a low of 11 degrees. That, my friends, is why you don’t start a diet on January 1.
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Mississippi needs to be a progressive state

A lot of Mississippians are happy with our existing state of affairs. Indeed, we are the most religious and generous state in the nation. We have great hunting and fishing, little pollution, great weather and plenty of room.
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When will Trump supporters say enough is enough?

What are you willing to look past to get what you want? It’s a great question. Consciously or not, we ask and answer it almost every day.
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‘Preacher’ Killen’s death closes a shameful chapter in state history

STARKVILLE – There was a generation of Mississippians who not only were unapologetic for their involvement in violent institutional racism enforced by fear and mob rule, but were likewise rather proud of their notorious reputations earned in pursuit of those misguided and dangerous goals.
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Dog Owners of the Year

If you visit the Putchios’ home, you will be greeted by not one, not two, but seven furry faces framed by their large living room window. These dogs are part of the Putchio family, and they share the warmth of the house on cold days. The Putchios’ dogs (four of which were adopted from the Dog Lovers’ League’s Shelter) are included in family walks around the Bruce City Park. Marissa, the Putchios’ daughter, helps with all the furbabies. Thank you, Teresa and Kevin, for caring for your dogs so well and for being our 2017 Dog Owners of the Year. Submitted by Rose Wells

Honoring Dr. King

Bruce and Calhoun City basketball teams joined together Monday night during halftime of the girls’ game to honor Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Bruce’s Broc Peden and Calhoun City’s O.C. Coleman read a brief history of Dr. King’s life to the large crowd that filled the gym. Photo by Joel McNeece

Flu, strep, stomach virus rampant around Calhoun County

“This is my tenth year in the school system, and I haven’t seen it hit as hard as it has this time,” Calhoun County School Nurse Lori Peden said of this year’s flu outbreak.
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State Treasurer to speak, CEDA banquet Jan. 25

State Treasurer Lynn Fitch will be the guest speaker at the Calhoun Economic Development Association’s Annual Banquet scheduled for Jan. 25 in Vardaman.
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