R&L Motel owner charged with drug sale

A Calhoun City business owner has been charged with sale of methamphetamine as part of an investigation by the Mississippi Bureau of Narcotics.
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Fair Carnival

The carnival at the Calhoun County Fair in Pittsboro has rides for all ages.

Calhoun County Fair

Cattle, Swine, Poultry and Goats, as shown above, have all been shown in competition at the Calhoun County Fair in Pittsboro this week.

Post office granted to Loyd in ‘84, name origin is mystery

During Andrew Jackson’s administration as President, a policy was adopted to remove all Eastern Indian tribes westward to the ‘Great Plains.’
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Cal-Chick All Stars win state championship

Cal-Chick 12U All Star softball team won the District 5 Softball State Championship last week.

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Boyles earns Purple Heart in Vietnam War

Howell Johnson (Johnny) Boyles grew up a couple of blocks from both the school and square in Calhoun City with his parents, George and Cora Van Boyles and his brothers, George and Doug.
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Will Dowling feels like he’s come home to Lewis Memorial UMC

Will Dowling, Lewis Memorial United Methodist Church’s new pastor, fell in love with preaching at a young age.
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Allie Kendall

Mrs. Mississippi Allie Kendall had to submit a favorite recipe on her application for the upcoming Mrs. America Pageant.
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Sawmill Festival provides political appetizer

Last weekend’s Sawmill Festival provided me with an early taste, whether I wanted it or not, of the political talk I can expect at the Neshoba County Fair later this month.
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Good Sawmill Festival despite losing McCarty piece

My biggest complaint from the Sawmill Festival was that I didn’t win the hanging McCarty planter given away by the Bruce 20th Century Club. Paula Monaghan did.
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