Aunt and niece face each other in Bruce, ‘City softball rivalry

It’s not unusual for the Bruce Lady Trojans’ third baseman Morgan Ellard to converse with a base-runner from the other team. What is odd is when that other base-runner is her aunt.

Heather Mabry, an outfielder for the Calhoun City Lady Wildcats is the youngest sister of Morgan’s mother Holly Mabry Ellard.

Heather Mabry and Morgan Ellard

“Sometimes it’s a little awkward,” Morgan said of playing against her aunt. “But we really don’t much think about it when we’re out there.”

“I think it shocks a lot of other people, but it really doesn’t matter to us,” Heather said. “We’re just playing softball.”

Both girls are seniors and have been playing against each other all their lives. Morgan said the two were really close growing up.

“We really grew up like sisters, spending the night with each other, fighting with each other,” Morgan said. “Then when we got into high school I think we both made our own set of friends.”

“We think of each other as friends,” Heather said. “I’m not going to make her call me Aunt Heather or anything like that.”

While the relationship is “friendly” away from the field, it does offer a little more motivation for when Bruce and Calhoun City play each other.

“It does make me want to win more when we play them,” Heather said. “Sometimes she likes to brag a little if they win.”

“I definitely want to beat them,” Morgan said. “I’m proud of her when she does well, but I really want to win.”

Morgan is the daughter of Justin and Holly Mabry Ellard of Bruce. She plans to attend Northwest next year and major in elementary education.

Heather is the daughter of Clovis Mabry and Neda Blount. She plans to attend ICC next year and possibly study criminal justice.