Armed Robber Steals $1,500 from Derma Store

Two have been arrested in connection with an armed robbery at a Derma convenience store Thursday night.

Kendall Hardiman, 22, of Grenada, was arrested Monday morning for the crime. Bari Edwards, of Derma, was also arrested as an accessory.

Derma Policeman Greg Pollan said the robbery of Wayne's Quick Stop in Derma took place at robber8:50 p.m. Thursday, Sept. 16.
Pollan said Hardiman came in and asked the cashier for a can of snuff, then as she turned around to get it he pulled out a stainless steel revolver and held it up to her face demanding all the money.
Pollan said Hardiman came around the counter as she pulled money from the register and he pulled more money from a money bag. He forced the cashier to walk out the back door with him.
"She said the last she saw him he was headed north," Pollan said.
The incident was captured on the store's video system.
The video showed Hardiman and Edwards in the store together hours earlier.
Pictured is the image of Hardiman from the security system.

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