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Lane Dickson still carries memories from the Battle of the Bulge

Sixty-eight years ago, tanks were Lane Dickson's enemy – more specifically German tanks. He was "Pioneer" of the Mine Platoon with the 38th infantry whose mission was to destroy enemy tanks. They were near Berg, Belgium, in the winter of 1944 when Private First Class Dickson, despite a withering barrage of enemy artillery raining down upon him, fought his way through to a critical road block carrying 40-pounds of communication wire.

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Combine destroyed by fire in Mt. Moriah field

Chickenbone Fire Department responded to a call of a combine on fire in the Mt. Moriah Community Wednesday afternoon.

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Regaining one’s appetite is never an easy task

June 3, 2004 – Regaining one’s appetite is not an easy task. It began slowly a few weeks ago with the aid of some kind of bottled high protein drink like you see in all the health food sections of grocery stores—Boost, Ensure, etc.

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Our local veterans are my inspiration on Memorial Day

Memorial Day for me is very much the same every year, but it never gets old. Dozens of American flags waving in the breeze on the Bruce and Calhoun City squares. Hal Reese Jr. playing “Taps.” The placing of the wreath on the veterans’ monument on the Calhoun City Square. A 21-gun salute from the local National Guard members. Scanning the long list of names on the Bruce monument. The releasing of balloons at Pryor Memorial Funeral Home.

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Southern Miss and Ole Miss clash at friend’s wedding

I don’t know who was more excited about the Southern Miss groom’s cakes– my husband Joel or the groom– at the wedding of Rebecca Beckett and Chad King this weekend.

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Taxing and spending remain the keys in 2012 election

STARKVILLE – Perhaps more than any two sets of numbers, the conventional political wisdom is that the national average price of gas and the nation’s unemployment rate will have much to do with the outcome of the presidential election and future control of Congress.

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Donor program setup for championship rings for Bruce Trojans

The Bruce baseball program is seeking donations to help pay for state championship rings for the 2012 Trojans.

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Lee, Walker lead Red Sox to title in Tupelo tournament

Jackson Lee and Seth Walker, of Vardaman, along with their teammates on the Pontotoc Red Sox, won the “Whoomp! There it is!” tournament in Tupelo last weekend scoring 56 runs while allowing only 19 in four games.

Local grabblers catch 65 pound Flathead

A group of grabblers from Calhoun and Pontotoc counties recently got a 65 lb. Flathead at Grenada Lake.

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Dot Hardin

Dot Hardin's peanut butter cookie recipe goes back to her school days, 1954-57. "It is my favorite cookie recipe. It was used in our school cafeteria, and I helped clean up the kitchen, so I got a few leftovers! My dear neighbor, Earline White, was manager of our cafeteria."

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